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Business Hours & Fees

 Chicago Pet Transport


Payment can be made by Cash, Debit Card or Credit Cards - American Express, Master Card, Visa or Discovery.

7:00AM TO 7:00PM            LAST PICK-UP 6:30PM

Transport fee begins on arrival at pick-up location and ends on destination arrival.
Drive / wait times exceeding listed minutes are billed at $1 per minute.
Your pet and you will be the only ones traveling in the vehicle. 
  Transports outside the City of Chicago has a minimum additional fee of $10  
MONDAY -  FRIDAY 7am to 7:00pm $40.00      30 minutes      1 Way
  7:01pm to 6:59am $55.00      30 minutes      1 Way
SATURDAY – SUNDAY 7am to 7:00pm $50.00      30 minutes      1 Way
  7:01pm to 6:59am $65.00      30 minutes      1 Way
Transport to Emergency Hosp 7am to 7:00pm $100.00       30 minutes   1 Way
Return From Emergency Hosp 7am to 7:00pm $55.00         30 minutes   1 Way
Transport to Emergency Hosp 7:01pm to 6:59am $140.00       30 minutes   1 Way
Return From Emergency Hosp 7:01pm to 6:59am $60.00         30 minutes   1 Way

  7am to 7:00pm $75.00           30 minutes 1 Way
  7:01pm to 6:59am $140.00        30 minutes  1 Way

Midway Airport   $200.00      1 Way
O"Hare Airport    
Inbound / Outbound continental flights   $225       1 Way
Inbound / Outbound international flights   $250       1 Way
Paradise 4 Paws   $200       1 Way
Airport / Paradise 4 Paws Fees 
Airport pricing is a flat rate for transports within 20 miles of the airports for arriving / departing pets.
Pickup / drop off travel times vary based on multiple factors, ranging from flight delays, the number of commercial cargos coming in or going out on the flight and airline personnel staffing.
Minimal waiting time is from one to two hours or more on arriving flights.   On departing flights, delays can occur depending on the number of pets and commercial cargos being checked in.
Additionally, vehicle traffic in getting to or from the airports, one way, can be an hour or more many times depending on the time of day, traffic, and weather conditions.  Our prices are based on the above factors as well as any other unforeseen situations, delays, etc. which may arise.
3 or More Round Trips within same week (20% discount) 7am to 7:00pm $32.00        30 minutes    1 Way
HOLIDAYS 2018   $75.00        30 minutes    1 Way

2018 Holidays   January 1, February 19,          May 28, July 4, September 3, October 8, November 22, 23,            December 24, 25, 26
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